Getting to know Jenn

After reviewing my social media feeds, I realized, everything I share is about my couples or the services I provide. That's not a bad thing, but I want it to be even better!

I want people to see me, to know what Jenn is all about. I often talk about how I want to have a certain vibe with the couples that I marry, and that I only want people to hire me for their wedding day if we "click"

So I decided I'm going to sprinkle some more personal posts. Starting with this one (details below starting from top left, to the bottom right of the image!)

#1 My family, they have my heart. I've been with my soul mate for almost 18 years. We have two children together, but now they are teenagers! They are strong-willed, know what they want, and don't put up with any shit! Last year 7-27-19 we adopted Labradoodle sisters @marleyandbayley (yes, my dogs have an IG!) My favorite picture of all of us, was taken by my friend @hiliarystewart (thanks Covid19)

#2 Cats and meditation pillows - need I say more? Cats are my spirit animals #allthecats and I need to take more time to meditate!

#3 Fire & The Sun Tunnels near Lucin, Utah - I'm a fire

sign #sagittarius and I love the desert, especially the west desert in Box Elder County. This image was taken on the Summer Solstice (my hubby and I had a hippie-earthy-Buddhist commitment ceremony (vow renewal)that day.

#4 Tattoos. I love 'em. I love good (and bad) art. I love conversations with interesting people. I love supporting friends. That's what the last picture represents! @lostdog3 is the tattoo artist here!