Originally the Declaration of Intent was the basic legal requirement one needed to get married. I have it serve as a way to begin the official ceremony and flow into the vows and ring ceremony.


This part of the ceremony is where the Bride and Groom make promises (vows) to each other.​ Many couples choose to write their own vows; doing so adds your personality to the ceremony. 

If you choose to have me assist you in writing your vows I will have them pre-printed, and hand them to you to read at the appropriate part of the ceremony. On rare occasions when the Bride and Groom have felt they won't be able to get through the vows they have written, they will have me read them instead.


When the Bride and Groom exchange rings they have an opportunity to speak meaning into their act of giving. The phrase that you choose will be repeated by both of you, first the Groom and then the Bride. I will break the phrase into small, easy to recite pieces.


My favorite ceremonies are when we fully customize and add a bit about your love story, what you love about each other, and even some humor to your ceremony. 


I have created an online questionnaire for both partners to fill out to assist with this part of the ceremony. We will also chat more about this when we meet to go over the details of your ceremony. 

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