First Things First

Love isLove

It's 2022 and I am sad that we have to have this conversation... yet here we are, so let's just get to the most important things right away!

Every time a couple askes me if I will use their pronouns, or if I am willing to perform same-sex marriages; I feel a wave of frustration and sadness. (Of course, my answer is... YES!!!) 

These conversations have led me to believe, this section, right here, at the top of my page is more important than anything else you may read!


Here you do not have to ask...  you are safe, honored as you are and fully respected!

I perform wedding ceremonies for couples in love, no more explanation is needed.

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This Is Me!

Hello there, I'm Jenn (she/her) the founder of Weddings by JennBrook. This part of my journey all started because I became an ordained minister as part of my spiritual path... and now, making your wedding day the best day ever is my passion and purpose. 

I am a speaker and storyteller, not just a wedding officiant! Tell me your love story and all about the two of you as a couple. I want to know all about the beautiful times that brought you together, the hilarious moments, and the sappy, lovey-dovey stuff that makes your relationship imperfectly perfect!

I think it is important that you love (or at least REALLY like!) the person that is performing your wedding ceremony. Let's get to know each other and be friends!

Your Wedding, Your Way!

I believe in giving a couple the ceremony of their dreams, tailored to their specific beliefs and wants.


As an Ordained Minister and Heart-Centered Mindfulness Practitioner, I am able to bring not just the credentials, but also energy, love, and vibrant personality to anyone's Special Day!

I am located in Utah, but I perform ceremonies anywhere and everywhere, what I am saying is... Travel for your wedding day is not only welcome, it's encouraged!

What are couples saying about Jenn?

"I believe Jenn was 100% the person meant to do our ceremony. My partner and I envisioned something very non-traditional. Jenn was game. There was no kind of precedent for what we were wanting to do, nothing found online to guide us... so the three of us brainstormed and came up with a plan to bring our ideas to life. Jenn was a huge help in this process! We also wanted to have our ceremony somewhere very remote, with limited cell service and off the beaten path. Again, Jenn was game. Then COVID hit and we had to reschedule. We all did a great job of staying in touch and communicating, all the while getting to know each other and developing a friendship. Jenn was patient during this process for when the time was right. When we all finally met up in the desert for the ceremony, it was pure magic. She nailed it. We are forever grateful to her for her flexibility & open-mindedness and at the same time her professionalism, thoroughness, and reliability. She is also just a delightful, genuine, warm person. I am so glad she was our person to guide us on our special day. She is a gift!."     - Teryn & Jeff (Pictured Above)

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